We convert your word processor document to EPUB format. Conversion my sound like a simple task that could be accomplished by a program; however, it’s not that simple.

An EPUB file is, essentially, a set of related HTML, XML, image and other resource files in a single-file (zip) format. Each file has a specific format and is written mainly in strict HTML5 and XML code.

“We construct an EPUB based on your Word document” would better reflect the service we provide.

The following are price guidelines. Documents must be submitted for review in order to assess the formatting condition and complexity for a price quote:

  • Very short subject matter
    Very short, simple books less than 45 pages
  • Simple Novels and Short Stories
    “Simple” means plain text with a Table of Contents, no pictures, table or footnotes, for example.
    Less than 17,00 words
  • Simple Novels less than 400 pages
    Same as above
  • Non-fiction
    $200 minimum
    Basic – no footnotes, lists, tables, etc.
    $1.50 per page
    Complex – footnotes, lists, images, etc.
    $1.75 per page
    Very complex – formatting on every page, extensive symbols and hyperlinks, etc.
    $2.00 per page


What you need to do:
  • Clean up the formatting of your document
  • Buy and assign an ISBN to your book (if you want to be listed as the publisher of your book, otherwise Amazon, who does not require an ISBN,  will be listed as the publisher)
  • Provide cover art image
  • Create a title page with title, author, ISBN, publisher, copyright, covert artist and other contributors
  • Proofread the EPUB I create
What I will do for an extra fee:
  • Basic format cleanup
  • Remove headers and footers
  • Remove double spaces between characters
  • Create a copyright/title page
  • Delete extra paragraph returns
  • Insert page breaks between chapters/sections
  • Create footnotes
  • Eliminate special characters and formatting
  • Create a hyper-linked Table of Contents
  • Delete manually created tabs
  • Etc.
What I will not do:
  • Proofread your book
  • Buy an ISBN for you
  • Submit your book to online retailers
  • Marketing

Please view the Resources page for links to ISBN information (including instructions for how to fill out the forms), online retailers and more.

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