Formatting requirements (to avoid an extra fee):
  • Remove blank pages
  • Remove headers
  • Remove footers
  • Replace section breaks with page breaks
  • Insert page breaks after each chapter
  • Replace double spaces with singe space between sentences
  • Remove special text styles, excluding bold and italic
  • Replace underline text with italic, excluding hyperlinks
  • Remove manually added tabs or space bar indents
  • Create chapter headings
  • Create section headings, if needed
  • Remove/replace special characters
  • Provide cover art as 300dpi, 600×800, or smaller, jpeg
  • At images, change “wrap-around” text to “in-line” text
  • Create a hyperlinked Table of Contents
I have a print version of my book. Do I need a different ISBN for the EPUB version?

Yes. The ISBN for an e-book cannot be the same as the print version. If it is a different format, it needs a different ISBN.

Can I use the same ISBN for different editions of the same book?

No. Each distinct format or binding of a title must have its own separate ISBN. This includes hardcover, paperback, audio book, e-book, DVD or VHS video versions, as well as any revised edtion of a specific format.

A separate ISBN must be assigned to every title, or edition of a title by each publisher, but NOT to an unchanged impression or unchanged reprint of the same title in the same format by the same publisher. Revised editions require a new ISBN. A price change does not call for a new ISBN. Changes of the format induce a new ISBN. The title published in a series as well as individually is treated as two different edtions.

(Source: Bowker.com)

Do I have to proofread my book?

Yes. Take the time to proofread your book! There will be additional charges for making changes/corrections/edits to the content of your book. Typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors are a blight on your writing. They negatively affect the reader’s experience and they can be viewed as a sloppy and unprofessional product.

I have a simple novel. What do I have to do to clean up the formatting of my book?

Remove all headers and footers, including page numbers. Remove all tabs (if used). Search and replace double spaces at the beginning of sentences with a single space.

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