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One of our recent EPUB conversions

You have written a book and now you want to self-publish it!
The best way to do that is to convert it to EPUB format.

  • Fast turn-around, typically 2-3 days
  • No waiting list

The EPUB files we create have been verified to be error-free using epubcheck, the industry-standard verification tool.

Your EPUB file may be submitted to online retailers such as, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, xinxii.com, Lightning Source Ingram, Payloadz, and Google Books without fear of rejection.

Do you have a “teaser” book or a book with a very short subject matter?

  • Very short, simple books less than 45 pages: $40

General guidelines for pricing:

  • Novels and short stories (simple, non-complex): $150
  • Non-fiction: $200 minimum


What We Do:

An EPUB file is, essentially, a set of related HTML, XML, image and other resource files in a single-file (zip) format.

We create the EPUB from scratch, meaning that I use XHTML code to format your book. We do not use automated conversion tools. Such tools have unpredictable result and may not properly format your book, as you may have already discovered.

We respect the hard effort you put into writing your book. Don’t settle for unreliable conversion services. Let us construct your e-book the professional ePubpub way!

Contact Us for a Quote!

Click here to submit a Word document.

All price quotes for conversion must be submitted for review. The complexities of formatting cannot be determined without seeing the actual document.

Also, the condition of the document must be assessed. We have found that the general condition of the formatting can be quite a mess. Oddities have accumulated over time and they can be quite time consuming to find and remove.

The cleaner the format condition of your book, the cheaper and faster it will be to convert it to EPUB. Click here for guidelines to clean up the formatting yourself.

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